Imagine a life free of limitations, a life where you can have what you want! More energy, more personal and financial freedom, better relationships, more love and happiness. Yes, it is possible.... and.... actually it is not that difficult.


The Life Mastery Program is a unique and amazing Self-heal and empowerment program for people who want quick and effective life transformation and are willing to take the necessary steps. State of the art transformation tools and techniques in a setting 


What is the Life Mastery Program


A unique and amazing Self-heal and empowerment program for people who want quick and effective life transformation and are willing to take the necessary steps.

Nowadays every toaster or washing machine comes with a manual the size of a phone book, but there seems to be no instruction manual for a successful and fulfilled life. As humans we are thrown into our life experiences without really having been explained the in’s and out’s, the how and why’s. 

Our educational system supplies us with certain analytical information and knowledge, but basic relating and communicating skills, as well as conscious life creation, remain a mystery. So everyone just lives along with what is happening to them and accepts that as „normality“ and „how things are“. 

Imagine a life free of limitations, a life where you can have what you want – more energy, more personal

and financial freedom, better relationships, more love and happiness.

Yes, it is possible.... and actually...... it is not that difficult!

Because truly we are creative masters, capable and able of conscious change and conscious life creation. Given the right information, the necessary tools, the understanding of the mechanics of reality and why we behave as we do, we can transform this automatic dreamlike „living along“. Instead of hoping for miracles to change our life into what we wish for, we can become true creators, able to form our lives and relationships according to our conscious decisions - into the daily experience of „normacles“. A life fulfilled with happiness, health and a true abundance!

The Life Mastery Program brings you the missing information required for a happy and successful life and offers you tools for conscious change to allow you to take control over your life, enabling you to recreate yourself and your life circumstances.

These are big promises…. and here is how we are going to deliver


Derived from over 25 years of consciousness research and successfully working with thousands of people we have created an amazing Self-heal and empowerment program that is unique and highly effective.

First we assess where you are in your life right now and where you would want to be. Then we give you the analytical understanding of how the human experience works. This includes the newest scientific research into Neuroplasticity, Neurochemistry, heart and brain wave research, Quantum physics and behavioural development and psychology. Derived from these we have adopted and created highly effective state-of-the-art transformation tools and in our seminars we will train you step by step to apply these.

Once you have the intellectual understanding of how “things“ work, it becomes easy to detect arising sabotaging mental patterns, emotional states and re-occurring physical stresses, so you can start to choose consciously new and more supportive thoughts, feelings and emotions instead of subconsciously being „sleepwalked“ through your life.

Of course this also requires training in consciousness, awareness and self-observation, but we have numerous ways and techniques to sharpen your abilities in a playful approach. 

Most important though in the science of transformation is the setting, the atmosphere of the group and the intention of the people involved in the process. 

Most conducive is a heart based, loving approach set in personal safety and unconditional acceptance, while being focused on change inducing processing. 

We have received numerous acknowledgements on the effectiveness of our programs and the special love filled atmosphere we create.

            Any moment in life you are standing on the threshold of a new beginning!

Life Mastery Program

How does the Life Mastery Program work?


The scientific background in a nutshell  

Humans are mostly automatic beings by design. The information overload arriving from the left-brain requiring processing and reacting from our analytical right-brain is too great to be individually processed. So our brain adapts to processing in patterns, based on previous experiences. 

Most of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours function automatically. Unconsciously acquired beliefs from early developmental states become deeply engrained in the sub-consciousness due to the then prevailing brainwave states. These will be processed automatically over and over again by repetitive thinking and develop deeply engrained neural-networks in the brain. Strongly developed neural-networks attract thought energy transfer automatically, and a lot of our thinking becomes self-driven. 

Most people have experienced this “automatic thinking”. Suddenly realising certain thoughts running through their mind and have wondered, “What or why am I actually thinking this?” “It” thinks something habitually and automatically, and the only “conscious” thought there is, is the “thinking about the thinking” called Meta thought. We require these Meta thoughts for new decisions, new beliefs, new vision (created in the frontal lobe of the neo-cortex of our brain) to filter down through the limbic brain (which is our emotional brain) while being charged with positive feelings (creating endorphins) to arrive at the reptilian brain where all our automatic body functions and behaviour patterns are stored. 

If they arrive there repeatedly and finally are stored permanently, they have become your new “automatic” belief or behaviour pattern. This means your new and consciously chosen positive, supportive thought has established itself, anchored permanently and change has happened!

For extended information on thought pattern change, please check out our webpage www.thoughthygiene.com

Our tools for effective self-transformation  

We work holistically with your body, emotions, mind and soul. To clear emotional, mental and energy blockages from your system we use various goal specific forms of Breathwork with supportive bodywork, emotional release techniques, mental re-programming, NLP and coaching, energy release and healing, transformational psychology, shadow and process work, Creative Arts, Visualisation and Meditation.

In our retreats we support you to let go of unsupportive beliefs and loop thoughts, help you to replace them with affirming and empowering new beliefs and firmly anchor them. Additionally we assist you to release existing emotional blockages and limitations and to free up your dormant potential and energy. Finally we give you tools and techniques to allow you to keep the transformation process alive once you leave the retreat, so it becomes easy to integrate your new YOU into your everyday life.

The Life Mastery Program works! Results to expect:


Some of our unique processes are:  

Delta and Theta Brainwave re-programming™ - The best states for re-programming and introduction of new supportive thought material are delta and theta brainwave states. We are using specific Breathwork sessions and deep meditation states to introduce positive updates in your sub-conscious easily.

Thoughthygiene™ – a process to become more aware of your unconscious thoughts and responses patterns, using Kinesiology and EFT for effective clearing, a great tool to shift into more conscious and successful thinking.

Emotional response re-alignment™ - Our emotional response to re-occurring thoughts and feelings is hardwired by body chemicals. We use specific endorphin processes with biofeedback to break this wiring and re-link supportive ones.

Refocus™ – Constant re-directing of your focus on self-love, ease and success instead of being focused on what’s wrong

Quantumrealityshift™ - Making use of Quantumreality approaches in guided processes and meditations.

Positive change can only happen in the presence of love and safety. We teach and apply conscious parasympathetic nerve system activation and train you in heart-based living, the science of coherent heart and brainwave synchronisation.

Results to expect 

You will:

- Clear negative beliefs and stuck thoughts 

- Release conscious and subconscious fears and emotional blockages

- Break emotional addiction patterns to negative belief systems 

- Find and step into a new vision of your future life 

- Shift into a new perception and focus

- Replace judgements through acceptance

- Clear resistance to receiving

- Reclaim playfulness and ease in life

- Increase your enjoyment and happiness

- Achieve what you want with ease and effortlessly

The Life Mastery Program offers you a way out of robotic living – away from automatic thinking, being and doing, from literally “sleepwalking” through your life - while dreaming and hoping for a better one. 

Come and find out how easy it is to recreate your life to how you want it to be.


What participants have said:

It was such a fantastic week! Life has been very good since, but busy, busy, busy...so my new plan is to create a lot more SPACE in my life.   (Gillian)                                                                                                                       

Thanks again for an amazing retreat, it has really given me the confidence to pursue my own dreams and hearts desires.  I feel so happy. Love, hugs and kisses to you both.  (Natalie)                                                                            

I achieved much more than I was hoping for    (Amy)                                           

I felt the retreat was wonderful – the best yet!  There was so much love – and yet it somehow felt normal!  As if I’d forgotten the way the world could be.  Thank you both for holding such a beautiful space for us all.       (Judith)

I have been crying a lot since the workshop - no idea what about, but I don't need to. I'm just breathing through the sadness, which is great. I really think I've shifted something at the workshop so that all this sadness/fear can start to move up and out of my body. Thanks so much for this     (Eleonor)

The retreat was everything I had hoped for, and more. I am gradually adjusting to life beyond it by taking things slowly and letting things happen at their own pace.    (Jasmin)

Thank you everyone for giving me the opportunity to practice my Yes's and my No's without taking any offence whatsoever. It's really good to get a sense of how this feels in my body and to know that I don't have to build a wall, just because I don't know how to say 'No'. This sounds like such a small thing as I write it, but of course it isn't - it's a great big huge life changing thing.             (Eleonor)

It was strange to feel strong and soft at the same time and so deeply.  (Sarah-Ted)

The amazing tool of Breathwork

Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB)


One core pillar of our work are sessions of conscious connected breathing (CCB), also called Breathwork or Integrative Breath therapy. Using conscious connected breathing has many different benefits and effects, and allows us to transform easily and permanently. 

CCB floods our system with oxygen thus changing our body chemistry to accelerate inner cleansing and contributing for better organ and system functioning. After an initial energy build up through rhythmical breathing, release and cleansing happens, and your whole system relaxes into a deep meditative, yet conscious state, very conducive to mental re-programming.

Physical release and healing

Your whole physical system is flushed out during a session. Stress and tensions are released and deep-seated holding patterns (called body armour) start to melt away. This allows your body to self-heal and to regenerate.

Emotional release and healing

When in great emotional stress or overload, the coping strategy of our emotional system is to store the trauma somewhere in your body- and energy structure to process it later. Due to our instinctual avoidance of these states they remain unprocessed in our system, deeply buried in your sub-consciousness and the emotional energy body. Through conscious connected breathing, stored emotional stress and trauma is loosened and released, leaving you emotionally cleansed and relieved.

Mental reprogramming

Most of our belief systems we acquire during the birth and toddler phase (when our brain is like a sponge and functions mostly in delta brainwave patterns) and during the growing up phase from 2-7 years (when our brain is functioning mostly in theta brainwave patterns without analytical processing). During these developmental states the dysfunctional belief system of our parents and direct caregivers is transferred onto us. 

The next layer of programming is during our teenager phase (education system, societal imprints and influence through our peers) where we dwell a lot in alpha states of mind (Teenagers often seem like living in a world of their own – appearing “spaced out”). As adults in work mode, goal oriented and in daily functioning modus we live most of the time in beta brainwave states (unless we are daydreaming = alpha).

When we try to change our thinking and behaviour by forming new conscious decisions we do this from a “beta brain”. But our sabotaging and conflicting negative beliefs are so deep seated and low wave anchored, that is very difficult to change them by everyday beta brainwave processing. Guided meditation gets you to alpha, hypnosis touches theta and delta, but consciousness in the situation is missing.

During the meditative states in the integration phase of the breathing session we can consciously dwell in theta and delta brainwave states. Suggestions and mental guidance from outside can be integrated easily and new decisions and belief re-programming during this phase becomes easy, highly effective and permanent. 

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate        (Carl Gustav Jung)

Energybody cleansing and realignment

We only seem to be physical beings but the truth is we consist of multilayered energies frozen into specific frequencies. Even on the physical level we consist of 99,99 percent of space and just a minute portion of matter, which actually turns out to be made of energy as well.  

Our energy body consist of several layers of energy, connected through energy “organs” called chakras. Theses layers hold emotions and thoughts and connect us to divine creation, people and the universe at large. The chakras process energetic interactions and energy exchange with other people and our environment. 

Due to trauma, stress and past-received energy violations our perfectly tuned energy fields went out of synch, and energies that were intended to be processed through easily and swiftly, remain now stuck in our system.

When we engage into conscious connected breathing we are not only breathing oxygen but also its energy content, called prana. Increasing the amount of energy in our system together with the resulting raise in frequency, allows the stuck, denser, low vibrating emotion and thought fields, to be loosened. They can than travel to the “surface” (our consciousness) and move out of our system. This results in energy body cleansing and realignment. Having released blocks to your energy flow, allows life energy to move better through your systems, thus enhancing well-being and your spiritual connection. 

In our retreats we use CCB in many forms and variations depending on the desired outcome. From super active breath approaches, to guided integrative sessions as well as pure energy breathing. Sessions are mostly music assisted, which ranges from deep rhythmic to evocative, meditative to trance, as well as state of the art brainsynch and entrainment music and last approx 2 hours.

        The way that we breathe is the way that we live!

        Freeing your breath results in freeing your life!

Retreats we offer


Birth and new beginnings - Breathwork in warm water

My life - fine tuning your creation

Leadership and my presence in the world

Return to ease and happiness

Letting go of the illusion - Become who you really are!”

Self-acceptance and how to fall in love with yourself

Boundaries and Communication

Energy Detox - Boost your life to new levels

Quantum Reality Shift

Living in the NOW

Life Mastery Program - Breathwork

What participants have said:


It was a great retreat, if challenging at times but I felt really good after it. It's so great to get the chance to work with people who really "get" what breathwork is all about. ( W.M.)

I'm feeling a thousand per cent better than when I left to go to the workshop. My heart feels a lot lighter, so I'm hoping if I continue with the breathing I can avoid the dreaded medication. (O.R.)

I am still ‘feeling the love’– thank you for creating and holding such a safe and loving space (J.D.)

It was a beautiful week and I felt so privileged to be watching the transformations taking place and to be doing what I love. Life continues to be a bit of a roller coaster at home with so many challenges :-)Looking forward to when our paths cross again. (M.W.)

Thank you so much for teaching me how to breathe - I'll never forget this experience. I don't remember my mother, but I know that if she hadn't been so heartbroken that this is how she would have taught me to breathe, gently and with such profound love… you are so, so amazing and I am very lucky to have had an opportunity to spend time with you. (E.O.)

I've been wanting to sit down and write a proper email since returning from our exceptional breathing space and healing time together. A lot has changed in me from the breathing. I feel stronger and more conscious in my legs, my motivational energy is changing and some deep learnt behaviours have been broken, really quite profoundly in my brain.  The breathing sustains and my boundaries feel clearer, I am standing up for myself more! Balance is returning Heinz Gerd and Lera, thank you so much for providing such a safe, caring and nurturing environment for the breath work, you both helped me enormously to pass through painful blocks and to re-integrate. The healing continues and keeping my legs/self warm and loved! Thanks all for your love, support and understanding. Until another time   ( A.C.)  

Sad I won't make this retreat this time but thoroughly recommend a life changing event with my friends Heinz Gerd and Lera Lange. Last time was amazing. I was on a high for ages afterwards. Breathwork combined with lots of wonderful techniques aimed at changing subconscious beliefs, your image and confidence. And, as they say, much more  (M.W.)


5 - day residential retreat and Breathwork training in Totnes, Devon


12. - 17. May - 2020

Dissolving body armour and emotional blockages

When we face intense moments in our life we tend to hold our breath. Over time this translates into physical and emotional holding patterns that have locked up these experiences. Thus neither the breath can flow freely and deeply, nor your energy resulting in low health and vitality levels. This directly impacts on your experience of joy and happiness.

Opening and clearing these holding patterns with breath and body work creates free flow in your life and peak experiences during these practises. 

An event not to be missed if you value a free and powerful life.          

Residential retreat and Breathwork training module for newcomers and experienced Breathworkers alike. Focus on facilitation of various Bodywork modalities and emotional release techniques in Breathwork sessions. With certificate of completion for 48 active CPD hours.

With certificate of completion for 46 active CPD hours.



Heinz Gerd Lange

International lecturer, seminar leader and trainer for Integrative Breath Therapy, metaphysics and personal transformation. He has been facilitating Self-heal seminars and transformation work for over 25 years and is specialised in mind re-patterning, bio-energetic integrity, conscious self-development and life shifts. Heinz Gerd has studied and trained in 7 different breath work approaches. His resources also include Inner Child Healing, Voice Dialogue, family and relationships dynamics, NLP, Tantra, body & energy work and several other modalities.

Founder and director of the "Institute for Breath Therapy and Transformational Healing" (InBreath) which offers a part-time diploma training in Integrative Breath Therapy since 1998 and has trained hundreds of breath therapists since. Formerly based in England, the Institute expanded in 2014 to offer this training now in modular format in several other European countries, currently with a focus on Germany. Any training can be arranged and put together individually as well as supplemented by foreign segments.

Heinz Gerd is the national representative of the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) for Germany as well as a member of the IBF Integrity Committee and the IBF Science Research Group. He is also a member of the British Rebirth Society (BRS), the breathing association UK, a member of ATMAN, the breathing association of Austria and the chairman of the board of the ATEM association Germany.

"One of my core goals is the integration of the latest scientific findings into the practise of Integrative Breath Therapy, as well as the scientific validation of the profound healing and transformation potential of conscious Breathwork. My current work is based in research of neuroplasticity, neurochemistry, mind application of quantum physics, super-endorphination and heart/brain coherence. My main focus however, is soul and energy body comprehension and everything that opens the heart”.


Lera Lange

International breath therapist, seminar leader and trainer for Integrative Breath Therapy over 15 years. She is a gifted Energy healer with deep shamanic roots. Lera is a heart path companion. Her loving nature and profound ability to accept everyone as they are creates a special "space of security" into which all participants can relax easily. Lera's intuitive and empathic gift enables deep transformation with ease. Co-Director of InBreath.

"My special gift is to go into energy field resonance with people and support them in releasing their unresolved energy blockages. I help and facilitate them to find their own answers to their most urgent questions and I am able to accompany them intuitively and successfully on their way to change.“


What participants have said:

Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing retreat. I loved it. I am still processing all the changes I experienced in those five days. I think you are both so special and I have come to love you both very much. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do - I am looking forward to the next retreat         (P.W.)

It was wonderful to see how you and Lera worked so well together. With Lera I always felt that there was much that she knew and used which I had only ever glimpsed, and that I was being carefully watched, along with everyone else. That helped me to feel very, very safe. With you I always felt like there was a plan, a course and an intelligence which I could respect, and that I could act and react in any way as part of my process without you taking it personally or diverting from ensuring that the lessons of the day were experienced. I loved the structure of the 5 days, and that each day was only explained as we got to it. On Friday evening I had no idea how I was ever going to re-acclimatise myself to the outside world, and yet, as I burned the rubber, screeching out of the yard, I was more real than I can ever remember.     (M.W.)

You both give so much and the love on that Retreat was so present – it was the most loving Retreat I have ever experienced and you created it!  I think that everyone felt it!  (J.D.)

Thanks again for an amazing retreat, it has really given me the confidence to pursue my own dreams and hearts desires.  I feel so happy. Love, hugs and kisses to you both.  (N.P.)

What a wonderful loving space! Thank you seems so inadequate to Heinz-Gerd and Lera.  The love you gave and the space you both held for all of us allows such transformation to take place.  (D.J.)

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